Don’t forget “US”

If you follow my Instagram stories, you know I catched a very bad cold since yesterday. All day has been like a nighmare with this hot weather stock at home with my newborn and my toddler! My husband was able to come home early to help me with the kids ( I looove to say the kids lol ) so I can have some rest and try to get better for tomorrow. He took Mia to my gym, came home, help me with the cleaning, etc. So around 8 pm he asked for 15 min break for him. He left the kids in bed with me but I forgot my water in the kitchen so I went downstairs and suddendly he said ” come here, 5 min. Let’s seat only the two of us”. Mannnn it feel so good to just be us, reminding us that WE are important too! And then we started talking about how we do not feel good with our physical appearence anymore and blablabla but at the same time we were supporting each other reminding one to another that this is temporary. We don’t have to wait yeaaars to exercise we can find sometime here and there but let’s be honest! This kids are going to be in school in what? 5 years? And after that we are going to start having more and more time for us, and we are going to start missing them as babies ( or maybe not ) but what it’s important is not to forget about us.. Why? Because at the end it’s going to be only us again. It’s very difficult specially in our situation with no family here to find the time, but even if it’s only those 5 min it makes a change! What do you do to keep the love alive? Happy Thursday all! 

Where to go in Vancouver.. Rosemary Rock Salt

I’m so envy of those moms who can seat on a restaurant with their kids. Like seriously! How do they do it? On Saturday we went to one of our favourite neighbourhoods in van: Commercial drive. We love love the drive because it’s where me and francisco meet and we live there for the first year! I miss having all of those restaurants close by and the community tho! Anyways, i’ve been feeling weak and sick lately, and it was 5 pm and I was starving! So I told francisco to enter to the first place that we walk to, an Italian restaurant. We seat there but when we were ordering Mia started to walk away, the baby was crying, so Francisco gave up and told me to grab something to go and make a picnic in the park. So I walk away thinking I would ended up eating something unhealthy and feeling worse but ta taaan! Right next door I found this place that I didn’t see before! A new place ( at least for me) with some amazing bagels! I had to try them! I took a look at the menu and their fridge, everything there look yummi and healthy so I ordered the wild Salmon sandwich with some yam fries to go! Oh man! Soooo good and guilty free! I love having those healthy “fast food”Options! And the place is huuuge to go and seat with a group of friends, or enter with a huuuge double stroller like mine lol! They even gave me a coupon for a free bagel next time that of course I lost! Here is a pic of their menu and the amazing decor! Next time you go the drive stop by and tell them athenas from ilove604 sent you 🙂 happy Wednesday all! 

Potty training sucks.. 

I know this is not the best pic for the tittle lol! But honestly this bar has giving me tons of energy lately to deal with everything that is going on! As soon as I feel i’m getting down I eat one and it boost my energy in seconds! How come that I didn’t know about this one? Anyways, one of the reasons why i’m so freggin tired is because i’m trying to potty train Mia. Yess I know I should’ve done this before Matias was born but man I was soo tired with that huge belly that I could not imagine myself leaning over to clean all the poo and pee! So I decided I’ll start slowly, so far the progress is that she already said “poo poo mommy” sometimes she lies, sometimes is true, but the worst part is that when is true, either i’m driving or breasteeding Matias in the park, or something is going on that she ends up pooping in her diaper and getting frustraded. I know I know that’s not good because she is going to get confused.. Don’t you think I know that? So i’m desperate need for advices! I’ve been reaching up all of my friends that passed for the same situation and most of them tell me to stay at home for a couple of days to fully train her, but seriously! It is impossible for me to stay all day at home with them! Mia gets bored of her toys and I don’t want to have her watching tv all day long, I mean I do not have anything against tv, she is my best friend right now, but I want her to socialize, exercise and learn, at least in the mornings! And that’s another situation, whenever we are in her activities she would say that she needs to go to the potty but she doesn’t like the mobile potty that I bought! She wants the real potty! And i’m already carrying with tons of stuff including her and Matias.. Where on the world am I going to put that potty? I know that I should listen to my friends and stay at home at least 3 days but oh man! Why is it soo difficult? There should be a potty training school lol! Can’t wait to stop changing those yaaaki diapers but not sure what is worst! I feel that i’m going to be scared of living my house! Or having to wait until she poo to go? What if we need to be in a place at certain time and she hasn’t poopoo yet? So many different situations! I guess I would have to keep trying! Happy Monday all! 

Guilty mommys time.. 

My beautiful Big Sister! Yesterday I felt so guilty because I didn’t pay enough attention to her! I’ve been wanting to have some ME time so bad! This is the story.. On Wednesday I was sooo looking forward to have some Girls time, I supposed to go for drinks with one of my friends, I arrange everything with Francisco so he could come home early and take care of the kids, I took a shower( big deal! ), I putted some make up on my face and I even fix my pony tail lol! I took my workout clothes out and I was impatiendly waiting to be 5 pm! But then my friend had some stuff at work and at the end we had to cancelled our date.. Man don’t you hate when that happens? I prepare myself mentally that I would have a rest and now I was feeling more tired than before! So on Thursday I asked my hudband to pleaseee take care of them for an hour so I can go to the sushi place infront of my home, alone! I don’t care! I just needed a rest.. Well.. 20 min later he was calling me that Matias had some big explotion, that Mia wasn’t doing well either.. So again no rest for the wicked. Yesterday well.. I already talked about this on my Instagram but I was overloaded again! So I took Mia to her activities in the morning since 10 am, I was talking with other moms and competly ignoring her when she was interrupting us every 5 min. Because I really wanted to have some adults time! There where tons of kids to play with, but she wanted ME to play and talk to her.. And I do understand why, because this is OUR time.. When we are in her activities suppose to be Mia and Mommy, and now i’m bringing Matias with us, and sometimes he would wake up with the noise, or because he is hungry so I have to stop being with her to help her little brother and that sucks for her. Talking with other moms they all tell me they passed by this and that is going to be gone so fast, that I should enjoy it, but sometimes you feel so overtired that you completly forget to do it. There are days that I can barely open my eyes! I wish I had more energy but how? I already feel I’m pushing my body to the next level! So today I want to give her my time, we are taking her for some Canada day arts and crafts and to a kids party.. Today is another day to do it better? Happy Saturday all! 

Mango Lassi

Yumm yumm! I really wanted to try this recipe because I seriously became fan a couple months ago ( yeeep, I had it writting in my cellphone since MARCH! ) when I went to eat at east is east restaurant in Vancouver. My friend Myriam took me to this restaurant, and she ordered this drink and it catched my attention the ingredients so I decided to try it, I just had a little because Mia finished all! So I wrote down the ingredients and decided to do it at home, and it was a totally success! It’s sooo easy to make and so refreshing for this hot days! This typical Indian drink can be your healthy ice cream! So what do you need? 1 cup of Frozen mango, 1 cup of plain yogurth( myself I replaced the plain one with what I had on my fridge, Mango Activia), 4 teaspoons of honey ( If you are using the mango Activia, you don’t have to add honey, as it already has sugar), and Ice. That’s it!! Everything on the blender and vuolaa! You can add some spices like cardamom or a little bit or turmeric! I’m only sharing with you the recipes that I really like, I hope this one become your favourite for the summer! What’s your favourite restaurant recipe? 

Working out with a newborn.. 

I think the tittle should be more.. Working out with a 2T as I think keeping Mia seat on the stroller it’s way more difficult! A couple days ago, I decided that it was time to start moving my body again, not only because I still have 10 kilos to go, but also and more important because I need energy!! Like a loooot! Staying at home with a 2T and a newborn it’s mentally and physically challenging, and I cannot find a better way to help my body and mind than exercising. I cannot go to the gym or at least not everyday so my only option is to go for long stroller walks with these two, and being honest? I find is a win win! They get tired, get a nap and myself I workout and give my mind a little rest. I’m lucky enough to have a mall 15 min walking from home, so I go to Morgan crossing and grandview corners almost daily! I try not to bring my wallet as I ended up buying stuff I don’t need. Yess there are days that I feel I cannot do it and I allow myself to have a rest, but the next day i’ll push me again. I’m not expecting to be back right away, what I want right now it’s to survive the terribles two and newborn stage lol! But with this walking weather, and coffee shops in every corner, how can I find excuses? 

Where to go in Vancouver.. King Donair

I’ve been trying to cut as much as possible carbs for my diet. It is mega difficult because i’m breastfeeding and i’m starving all the time, so i’m trying to keep it real and have only one carb per meal, but I know my body, and I know that if I want to lose a couple of pounds I need to switch my vegetarian diet to a more Atkins one. I know.. it’s extreme, or maybe you are going to ask, why if I know atkins it’s the best diet for me I don’t stay in it? Well I don’t know how to cook meat, I don’t like cooking meat and I don’t really like the flavour of the one that I found at the grocery store, so as soon as I get to my goal I switch back to a more vegetarian one to mantain. Anyways, the point here is that we were in downtown a couple days ago, we didn’t know where to eat because Mia won’t let us, so we decided to just grab something to go and do a picnic on the beach ( thanks GAD for sunny days lol! ) We went to our favourite place for Donairs: King Donair on Davie street. Probably if you party at Celebreties you’ve been there as is just next door, and I remember seeing a huuuuge line up when I used to live in that area whenever there was a party at the famous night club. I’ve been trying lots and this place is still my number one! It’s just the taste of that lamb! It’s sooo damn good! If you are around the area you have to try them!!! Happy Wednesday all!